Are YOU ready to INCREASE Your Focus, DEFEAT Your Distractions and Leave 50+ Hour Work Weeks Behind?
You can accomplish all this with the Highly Focused Engineer Course!
Above is a free video from the course titled 
"How to Build Bulletproof Focus"!
‣Produce HQ work WITHOUT Long Hours
‣ Defeat your Distractions
‣ Maximize your Focus
‣ Become more Productive EVERY Day
‣ Manage and Prioritize Multiple Tasks
‣ Create a Personal Productivity Framework
‣ Action plans for success
‣ Video walkthroughs
‣ BONUS: Productivity Resources 
What is it?
This course is designed to help you become a Highly Focused Engineer.

This course will help you:

⚙️ Focus on the RIGHT things instead of just MORE things

⚙️ Schedule DAILY productivity

⚙️ DEFEAT distractions so YOU can produce your best work

⚙️ Produce HIGH-QUALITY work without working long hours!
Who is it for?
This course is for engineers who are:

⚙️ TIRED of working 50+ hour weeks to get tasks and project completed

⚙️ Willing to try new ways of work RIGHT rather than just HARD

⚙️Hard-working and AMBITIOUS

⚙️ STRUGGLING with maintaining focus or overcoming their distractions

⚙️ Ready to produce at their BEST each and every day 

How does it work?
This course works by teaching you how to:

⚙️ Locate and eliminate your distractions to create HIGHLY-FOCUSED work time.

⚙️ Build a BULLETPROOF focus during your work sessions.

⚙️ Get MORE DONE in LESS TIME so you can produce high quality work rapidly!

⚙️ Utilize daily checks to MAINTAIN your productivity long-term.


"Matthew has been pivotal in my success toward productiveness."
- Brandon D.
"I’m on the right path to hitting my goals using Matthew’s productivity hacks. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to ace their productivity and crush their goals. Thank you so much, Matthew."
- Maryanne M.
What is the Highly Focused Engineer Course?
From: Matthew Gaddy
To: Ambitious, Motivated Engineers Working 50+ hrs a Week
Dear Hard-Working Engineer,

Have you have thought or heard these phrases before?

"In order to be successful, I need to do/be available for everything."

"It's ALL important."

"Once I get this last thing done, then I will have time to work on X."

"Every time I get in a work 'groove' something comes a long to interrupt me."

"I guess I'll just have to work late to get this done since I spent all day putting out fires."

"Why are my days so unpredictable?"

If you have, you are NOT alone!

Trying to get everything done at work AND still getting home on time can make you feel like this: 
But there is light at the end of the tunnel!

What if there was a way to:

- Work on the right things so that you can always be moving forward in your goals and the projects that matter?

- Create a work environment that allowed you to focus deeply so that you can perform and produce at your best?

- Get home on time so that you can have a life OUTSIDE of work (and get to that personal project you've been too tired to do)?

If you are ready to produce High Quality work WITHOUT working long hours, then the Highly Focused Engineer course is for you!

Regardless of what may have happened or how you have been told to work in the past, YOU CAN BECOME HIGHLY FOCUSED!
As a Highly Focused Engineer, you will:

- Produce and progress towards the completion of your goals each and every week WITHOUT working excessive hours!

- Defeat Distractions in Advance to create high quality work time!

- Build Bulletproof Focus so that you can produce your best EVERY day!

- Manage multiple tasks WITHOUT falling behind or losing track of your progress!

- Utilize a secret that will allow you to get MORE Done in Less Time!

Imagine being a Highly Focused Engineer and leaving 50+ hours work weeks behind? 

What your career would look like...

Would you:

- Finally be able to complete your project that initially seemed out of reach?
- Achieve a promotion quicker than normal?
- Get the raise that allows you to increase your quality of life?
- Produce work that truly makes a difference for you and your company?
- Be able to spend less time at work and more time doing things you love?

All of this is when you join and apply the information in the Highly Focused Engineer Program.
What you are going to get...
✔️ The Art and Science of Defeating Distractions Module so you identify and defeat your internal and external distractions in advance! (Value $297)

✔️ Building Bulletproof Focus Module so you will know how to build a focus that allows you maintain your concentration and produce at your best EVERY work session  (Value $597)

 ✔️ Managing Multiple Tasks & The Secret to Doing Less to Get More Done Module so you can handle your most important responsibilities and get more accomplished W/O working long hours! (Value $497)


✔️  The 5 Steps to 5x Your Productivity Quick Start Guide so you can start increasing your productivity today (Value $497)

✔️ The Time Blocking Productivity System so you can consistently produce productive workdays without trying to figure out everything on your own (Value $397)

✔️ How to Stay Productive when Work is the Problem so that you can prevent work from impeding your workplace productivity meaning that you make work “work” for you! (Value $297)

✔️ Pushing Past Procrastination Module so that you can stop holding yourself back and implement the changes you have learned OR start on the projects you have selected! (Value $197)

✔️ Two FREE Months Inside the HPE Support Community so you have a place to ask questions and get answers from me and attend group  accountability sessions! (Value $497)
A total combined value of: $3,276!!

But YOU can get it NOW for $459!
Who this WON'T work for...
If you:

❌ Are not willing to try new things or step out of your comfort zone...
❌ Think "I tried a course like this before and it didn't work. This won't work for me either."...
❌ Feel that productivity is about trying to do everything...
❌ Think your focus is fixed and can't grow...
❌ Aren't ready to say "No" to time-wasters...
❌ Just want to "coast" in your career...

This course is not for you. 
Your purchase is backed by a:
100% Money Back Guarantee!
Here's my promise to you...
You may have seen or purchased courses like this before.

My course is different. My clients results are important to me and I am confident that you will get results so I guarantee your satisfaction with the course AS LONG AS you give your best, do the exercises and apply the lessons during your workday.

This system has gotten results for others but it is not a magic wand. There will be work involved but, if you apply the course information, I know you will improve your productivity and become Highly Focused just like others have. 

So don't let this opportunity pass you by...

Click the button below to get started immediately 👇
P.S. Let me summarize your deal.

On this page is a chance to join the Highly Focused Engineer for ONLY $459.

By joining this course, you join the few who are taking control of their focus, managing their distractions, increasing their productivity so that you can leave extended work weeks behind! 

You are choosing to work ON PURPOSE WITH PURPOSE!

When you purchase this course, you will receive:

- The Highly Focused Engineer course which includes modules to help you:

- Build Bulletproof Focus so you can produce at your peak potential.

- Defeat your Distractions in advance so that you can increase your productivity.

- Work Less and Get more done so you can produce HQ work W/O working long hours.

- Build a productivity system so that each day you become more productive.

- Push past procrastination so you can implement the information in the course and start seeing RESULTS!!

- Support inside a Slack Group where you can interact with other Highly Focused Engineers and get help DIRECTLY from me!

- Action Items to make sure that you can make the change "stick".

- My personal resources I use to stay productive each day!

Click the button and join us right now!
See what other engineers have to say!
Kirsten J. is an full-time employee for Lockheed Martin and a entreprenuer building a Augmented Reality company called GoXR. In this video, she talks about how productivity coaching helped her:
✅ Balance between work, home and entrepreneurial life
✅ Learn how to adapt productivity to her environment
✅ Customize her productivity plan
✅ Be productive consistently 
✅ See results FAST!
Frequently Asked Questions
What currency is the Highly Focused Engineer priced in? 

United States Dollars (USD)
How much content is included?

You will receive:

📍 Lifetime access to the course (along with all future updates)

📍 6 modules that will walk you through how to go from distracted to Highly Focused and Productive

📍 Action items to help you implement the changes needed to increase your productivity

📍 Tools and worksheets to engage and support your productivity long term

📍 2 months free inside the Highly Focused Engineer Support group  where you can ask my Q's and attend bi-weekly accountability sessions

📍 Assistance in helping you become your best Highly Focused self
What tools  will I receive?

✅ The Sensory and Emotional Distractions Worksheets
✅ The Creating a Highly Focused Workspace Checklist
✅ The Recovering Post-Distraction Worksheet
✅The Bulletproof Focus Cheatsheet
✅The Brain Dump Worksheet
✅The Daily Review/Monday Vision/Friday Reflection Template
✅The 20/20/20 Formula Morning Routine Worksheet
✅The Daily/Weekly Scheduler
✅ The Biological Prime Time (BPT) Tracker
✅ The Productivity Hotspots Worksheet
✅ The SMART Goals Worksheet
✅ The Defeating Distractions Checklist
✅ The Productivity Log Worksheet
Will this work for me?
The simple answer is YES! The Highly Focused Engineer is built on productivity PRINCIPLES not hacks. This means that you can expect to learn fundamental information that will help you improve your focus and ability to produce REGARDLESS of your current work situation or location!
You mentioned the 4 Steps to Productivity, what are they?

Excellent question! The 4 Steps to Productivity and how they can help you are:

1. IDENTIFY - In this step, you will identify what your goals actually are. This will help you ensure you are always pursuing your goals.

2. SELECT - This step is all about picking and prioritizing the tasks that will lead you to your goals. Goals don't accomplish themselves, you have to select the tasks needed to complete them.

3. PLAN - The things that get scheduled are the things that get done. While working through this step, you will learn how to create a blueprint for a productive day. Once you implement this step, being productive is as easy as following your schedule.

4. EXECUTE - Once you have built your plan, it is time to execute on it. This step will teach you how to produce work at your peak potential by showing you how you can use your focus and attention to your advantage.

I have a module dedicated to this in the course to show you how you can stay Highly Focused long term using the 4 Steps to Productivity.
Do YOU use this system?

Yes! The Highly Focused Engineer has helped me to build this course, be a husband and father, be the former Director of Client Communication and Success for an 7-figure company, get in the gym regularly and still have time for myself!
Don't just take my word for it!
Here are client testimonials!

Don't just take my word for it!

Check out Client Testimonials below!

If you're ready to improve your productivity...
Take the deal and join us now!
Join us today
and you'll get:
‣ YOU can improve your resutls
‣ A PROVEN productivity plan
‣ 6 tools to improve your performance
‣ LIFETIME access to the course
‣ Access to support SLACK group
‣ Action plans for success
‣ Video walkthroughs
‣ BONUS: Productivity Resources
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